Friday, May 12, 2017

Cows and Cattails

The problem with being a hobby farmer, having 5 kids, being married, working, having animals, having property, having kids, having property, going to school, animals, and did I mention having animals is EVERYTHING takes time.  I love almost everything we have in our life and wouldn't give it up but between time and money we often are a little short on being able to do everything we want to do.  Pond maintenance is one of those things.  

In 2012 we had a wonderful adventure getting all the cattails out of the pond and dredging it.  It was expensive but well worth it.  We used a dump truck to haul the pond muck and cattails into the pasture hoping the Lowline Cattle we had on loan at the time would eat the cattails.  

Since then we have tried to keep the cattails under control by pulling them by hand, wrapping ropes around them and dragging them up with a forklift or tractor, and even tried to get the cattle to eat them (  Nothing has worked.  

 The cattle spent the last 2 months in  my neighbors pasture until they found a weak spot in the fence.  I have some temporary fencing on order to move them to another neighbor's house next week, then they will probably spend most of the summer at another neighbors.    

I need to repair the fencing the cattle belong in but I am waiting to do it. We all hope that by the time they come home we will have time and money to fix the fences right.  Right now I am letting the cattle wander around the property.

Today I came home and decided I LOVE my cattle!  

Yes they are eating the cattails!   

Crazy Ruby isn't willing to get her feet wet.