Monday, March 21, 2016

New Pastures

Our pretty fence.

The main cattle pasture is getting a little low on grass. 

I gathered up the fencing materials.

Drove to a pasture that we want to use but has falling down fences.  We used plastic clips to hold up the electric wire: one strand around the perimeter of preexisting fence and 3 strands where no other fencing is.  We did not have enough electric netting to go across the pasture.

The boys and I put up electric netting fencing.  Darling Husband used a new solar panel, old dolly, car battery, and old charging system to power the fence.

And now we have happy cows again!

Sunday, March 20, 2016


Spring is a time when there is plenty of grass so the cattle and sheep will often share the shade of a tree.  
It is also a time of tough decisions.  This guy got an abcess in his neck.  I think it is from when he was in a pasture with cactus.  A vet visit would be a couple hundred dollars and he is destined to go to Freezer Camp in a couple months.  We decided it wasn't worth the vet bill to put an extra 50 pounds on him.  
Our two rams being friendly for now.
A friend gave me this black and white lamb.  She will add some fun color to the herd and she has quite the personality!  She loves chasing the dogs and inserted herself right into the middle of the herd the first day.